Strategic Advisory

We create and develop business opportunities for economic impact in and between Romania and the D-A-CH markets.

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Market Entry | Outsourcing | M&A | Human Resources

Market Entry

B2B Sales in the D-A-CH market

We help you expand your sales by intentionally reaching outside of your current network. We feel comfortable with opening new doors, building new connections and following up with them on your behalf. The short lists we deliver are real contacts with real business needs that you should be able to meet. We focus our sales efforts specifically on the D-A-CH market.


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Partner Search in Romania

The shift of the international markets leads to the rearrangement of global supply chains. We source for production, development but also distribution partners in Romania that match your price and quality requirements. We look below the surface and help you find trustworthy suppliers that you'll actually want to keep.

Human Resources

Remote Teams

We facilitate the recruitment and formation of cross-border, distributed professional teams in the fields of IT, Engineering and Business Process Outsourcing.

Management Search

You need a top management crew to run your operations in Romania? We leverage our network to find you the best management candidates in the target region.



Book a free appointment and get to know us.


Together, we define a search profile tailored for your business needs.


We deliver you a short list of hand picked options just for you.


Speed of trust

We call it relational excellence. Trust is our "secret" key to easily build and maintain successful business connections.


We throw a wide net and employ top-notch research methodologies to find precisely the business connections that are relevant to you.


We share with you invaluable bits of practical wisdom from our own experience with people and organisations.


We believe in the power of business to address social, environmental and economic issues in the world around us. Our deepest passion is to facilitate economic advancement through creation of jobs, starting with the economic engines of today all the way to investing in low-income, developing regions. Through our work, we strive to create meaningful and trustworthy connections between companies, enable them safe access to new markets, facilitating value-based investments or simply by matching candidates to employers. We strive to make a positive impact through leveraging for-profit business, along the quadruple bottom lines of people, environment, profit and purpose.


Cristian Balaceanu is the founder and owner of Romteca. He has over 15 years experience in technology, recruitment and business development in various management and leadership positions. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the University of Hanover, a Leadership Degree from Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago and a Postgraduate Degree in Business Administration from the Open University. He is a passionate connector and leader. A native Romanian, having lived more than 5 years abroad, Cristian is at home both in Romania and the D-A-CH region and is a fluent speaker of Romanian, English and German. He is playing an active part in multiple international professional networks.